Top 10 reasons to visit Namibia?

The Animals:

Rhino in Namibia
Rhino in Namibia

Namibia not only boasts with the Big 5, the largest population of cheetah in the world and one of the largest population of Rhino, its also the only place in the world to see desert elephant. BUT what is truly amazing is that it is one of the few remaining places where you will see wild animals even if you are not driving in a National Park. So keep your eyes open!!!

Oldest desert in the World:


The Namib Desert is said to be the oldest desert in the world, and its just a NOT to be missed place to visit.

Wide open spaces:


Its only with maturity that one appreciates they beauty of wide open spaces filled with nothing . Namibia has this in leaps and bounds, being the second least populated country by density in the world.

Culture Groups


Namibia has more than 13 ethnic groups. Although two groups the Bushman/San people and the Ovahimba people, are of particular interest as they can still be seen living largely as they used to.


Lilac Breasted Roller

Like the animals, the more than 650 birds species can be seen all across Namibia, and not just in National Parks. The best time to do birding is in the summer months when birds change into their breeding colours. The Caprivi area is a must destination to include in your itinerary should you like birding as this will grant you the opportunity to see some birds drawn to rivers and marshlands.


Namibian Sunset
Namibian Sunset

Namibian sunsets are some of the best I have ever seen & with more than 300 days of sunshine in a year.. you will hopefully get to see the sun set every night:)

Tourist friendly:

Namibians are very dependent on tourism and it really shows in their attitude towards tourist. People are friendly and even though Namibia was never a English colony, at our independence Namibia chose English as the National language, meaning communication is much easier that allot of African countries.


Did I mention its REALLY affordable? Drinks, fuel, accommodation even activities are really affordable. And there is really a place for each type of traveler whatever the budget.



During the last 2 years Namibia has become much more accessible to the global community. Direct international flights currently include our own Spirit of the nation AirNamibia (via Frankfurt), well as international carriers such as Eurpowings,Condor , Qatar Airways, Ethiopian Airways & KLM.


1st world conveniences:

Medical facilities is not always something we think about when planning a holiday. Rest assured that Namibia’s medical facilities, doctors and emergency units are really of world class standard.
The only issue here is that these excellent facilities are mostly supplied by the private sector, so do make sure your medical travel insurance is up to scratch before you visit.

I hope you enjoyed the article, although its solely based on my opinions.

There are so many things I would like to include in this list as well, maybe the next article should be.. The next Top 10 reasons to Visit Namibia… We will see :).

List of 10 main attractions in Namibia

Namibia in its diversity and open spaces is full of hidden gems. Most Namibians haven’t even seen them all and because of the distance between places, we rather choose one or two to visit, but the rest is most certainly on our bucket lists.

I’ve made a list of 10 of the most popular attractions in no particular order with suggestions of where to stay…

-Fish River Canyon (- Ais Ais Resort)
The Fish River Canyon is the second biggest Canyon in the world and a very popular attraction, especially for hikers from all over the globe. A hike through the Canyon take you about 5 days. For the not-so-active… it is definitely worth it to wait for the rest at Ais Ais Resort.

-Etosha National Park (- Safarihoek Lodge)
Our biggest National park in the Northern part of Namibia is an ideal family getaway where you either can do a self drive through the park or relax at the watching points near the water holes and see the Big Five (if you are lucky) and other animals and birds as they come to drink water. Safarihoek Lodge is a new destination and very classy for those who don’t like camping that much.

-Erindi Private Game Reserve (- Old Traders Lodge)
See our article on Erindi for more detail, Erindi a highlight to your stay…
Erindi is Namibias biggest and most famous Private Game Reserve and I personally prefer Erindi over Etosha, because it is smaller and thus easier to spot the wildlife.

-Sossusvlei (- Desert Quiver Camp)
Also one of the most visited areas in Namibia is Sossusvlei with the largest sand dunes in the world and most probably the most peaceful place you will ever visit.
There are very expensive upperclass lodges and castles in Sossusvlei to stay but Desert Quiver Camp serves more than enough for what you need for a nights stay.

-Caprivi (- Caprivi Houseboat Safaris)
Caprivi is the most North Eastern part of Namibia in the Kavango Region, where Namibia, Botswana, Angola and Zambia kiss each other.
Comparing the rest of Namibia’s nature, you won’t believe that its the same country. Do book at Caprivi Houseboat Safaris and enjoy a sundowner, while watching Hippos…

-Dune 7 (- Protea Hotel Pelican Bay)
Just outside of Walvisbay is the famous Dune 7, you’re not on a real Namibian trip if you don’t make time to climb to its top! Protea Hotel in Pelican Bay are a nice place to stay with restaurants nearby so you can live like a local in Walvis.

-Skeleton coast (-Terrace bay camp)
The Northern coastline of Namibia, from the Swakop River to the Kunene River is known as the Skeleton Coast due to thousands of shipwrecks and skeletons of various species lying on shore. This may be the most harsh and dangerous area in Namibia and I read somewhere that the Bushmen people calls it “The place God made in anger”, but its mystic and thus one of the most beautiful nature gems to be ever seen.

-Kolmanskop (- The Cormorant House)
In the Namib Desert just 10km outside of Lüderitz lies this ghost town with its hidden gems of historical German architecture. It was a very wealthy diamond mine for about 50 years in the early 1900’s. Now it is one of Namibia’s most visited tourist attractions run by DeBeers Namibia. The Cormorant House is self catering units in Lüderitz, each with a balcony and sea view, perfect for having your coffee in bed and watching the ocean.

-Kaokoland(- Epupa Camp)
The North Western part of Namibia is known as Kaokoland, and home to the native OvaHimba tribe… my personal favorite part of the country. Its rural with the most amazing open spaces like the Hartmansvalley and Marienfluss…You need a 4×4 vehicle to drive there, and its better to tour in a group of more than two cars. Near Epupa Falls on the Kunene riverbank is Epupa Camp with fixed tents and much appreciated cold beers at the bar. When you drove through Kaokoland for a few days you will understand why I say much appreciated beers 😉

-Dessert Elephants in Damaraland (- White Lady Lodge)
Another one of my favorites are these gentle giants of the big five, the Desert Elephants. They dwell around in Damaraland, South West of Kaokoland, mostly on the banks of the Ugab River. Near a small settlement, Sorris Sorris (about 30km from Uis) lies the beautiful Brandberg with its famous rock painting of a White Lady and therefore the name to the White Lady Lodge, home of the Desert Elephant at it’s foot.

Namibia a fit for you?

Is Namibia your next travel destination or a new entry on your bucket list? Maybe this article will help you decide.

Namibia is a massive country by world standards, Namibia is more than twice the size of Germany, 3.4 times bigger than the United Kingdom. Compared to the USA Namibia is slightly larger than the State of Texas.

The best part?

Our population is around 2.3 Million people in the whole country. This makes Namibia the second least populated country per square kilometre in the world. This is where I think Namibia beats most destinations around the globe. It’s quiet, it’s peaceful and it is definitely not a tourist trap. It’s a country where one can escape the hustle, feel at one with nature and get to experience our planet as it probably once was.

The second best part?

It’s accessible, safe and can cater for any budget. We speak English throughout the country. And if you asked me, it’s the best and only destination when considering a visit to Africa.

The best of Namibia,

The coast

The best of Namibia include the majestic Namib Desert, Sossusvlei with the highest sand dunes in the world. Visiting our small coastal towns such as Swakopmund & Lüderitz is also a highlight. Here you can feast on local seafood, such as kabeljou & oysters. The coast also caters for the outdoor activity lovers and activities. Activities range from Quadbike desert tours, scenic flights, deep-sea fishing, Rock & surf fishing, catamaran tours to see dolphins just to name but a few.

Safari & Animals

A Visit to Namibia is not complete without a proper safari (you know seeing the BIG 5). Etsoha National Park boasts an amazing display of wildlife and is a not to be missed on any trip to Namibia.

Enroute between the coast and Etosha is an area called Damaraland (after the local Damara Tribe). Here are the wonderful bushman drawings and the possibility of seeing Desert elephant, which are endemic to Namibia.

For the very adventurous there is an area called the Kaokoveld, which is described by some as one of the few remaining wildernesses on the planet. Best to travel this area with a guide tough, as most places here not even cell phone reception and proper GPS navigation has reached yet.

But should you travel to the Kaokoveld, you will be richly rewarded with meeting the local Ovahimba people. The Ovahimba people to some extent still live as they have hundreds of years ago, this is also no-mans land and you can get the thrill of not seeing any one for a day or two even.

Rivers & greenery

Is the dry Namibia is getting too much for you? Not to fear, we have a beautiful area called the Zambezi. Here its lush and green, with amazing wildlife from hippos to elephant. Animals roam freely in the many unfenced and largely unexplored game parks.

This area is also en-route to the Majestic Victoria falls(on the border between Zambia & Zimbabwe) and many people include this to their itinerary when visiting Namibia.

Namibia is therefore definitely one for the nature lovers.

If shopping, busy nightlife, concerts and parties is your thing, Namibia will be a massive disappointment. Rather here expect meeting few authentic locals, drinking a sun downer, seeing amazing wildlife experiencing wide open spaces and enjoying nature.

Depending on your budget both money and time wise. You will be required to travel a LOT to see the best the country has to offer, or you must decide to either come back a second time, or your last resort would be to deliberately choose to skip a part of the country (last option).

Namibia can be divided into a few key areas:

The South, The West, Etosha, Damaraland, Koakoland & the Zambezi (formerly Caprivi) region. Of course there are many areas n between.. but these are the biggest highlights.


Read the next blog post for more detail on each area, to help you decide your trip.

So here we go… From the start to who knows where.

About a month ago, we went to the beautiful German influenced historical little town, Luderitz, for a weekend… I couldn’t care less how far the drive was, where we would stay or what we would see. All I wanted was to sit back, relax, drink wine, take deep breaths and look at the ocean…for hours. And I did! After 4 hours on the road, a detour through Kolmanskop, driving out to Dias Point, eating homemade Lasagne and the most amazing Cheesecake at a small garden cafe, I did exactly what I went there for… Sat in silence with my wine, staring at the ocean!
And that is when it striked me… “I need to tell people about this!!”
About the road, the beautiful views, wild desert horses, old church buildings, historical treasures, diamonds, cocktails at hotels, nice restaurants with traditional food to the best oysters, and everything that’s hidden in our breathtaking country.

a Few weeks later we started this Blog, here you can find our suggestions of where to go, what to see, where to eat, and maybe in time even where to buy a wedding dress.

Watch this space…

Cheers to many more