Namibia a fit for you?

Is Namibia your next travel destination or a new entry on your bucket list? Maybe this article will help you decide.

Namibia is a massive country by world standards, Namibia is more than twice the size of Germany, 3.4 times bigger than the United Kingdom. Compared to the USA Namibia is slightly larger than the State of Texas.

The best part?

Our population is around 2.3 Million people in the whole country. This makes Namibia the second least populated country per square kilometre in the world. This is where I think Namibia beats most destinations around the globe. It’s quiet, it’s peaceful and it is definitely not a tourist trap. It’s a country where one can escape the hustle, feel at one with nature and get to experience our planet as it probably once was.

The second best part?

It’s accessible, safe and can cater for any budget. We speak English throughout the country. And if you asked me, it’s the best and only destination when considering a visit to Africa.

The best of Namibia,

The coast

The best of Namibia include the majestic Namib Desert, Sossusvlei with the highest sand dunes in the world. Visiting our small coastal towns such as Swakopmund & Lüderitz is also a highlight. Here you can feast on local seafood, such as kabeljou & oysters. The coast also caters for the outdoor activity lovers and activities. Activities range from Quadbike desert tours, scenic flights, deep-sea fishing, Rock & surf fishing, catamaran tours to see dolphins just to name but a few.

Safari & Animals

A Visit to Namibia is not complete without a proper safari (you know seeing the BIG 5). Etsoha National Park boasts an amazing display of wildlife and is a not to be missed on any trip to Namibia.

Enroute between the coast and Etosha is an area called Damaraland (after the local Damara Tribe). Here are the wonderful bushman drawings and the possibility of seeing Desert elephant, which are endemic to Namibia.

For the very adventurous there is an area called the Kaokoveld, which is described by some as one of the few remaining wildernesses on the planet. Best to travel this area with a guide tough, as most places here not even cell phone reception and proper GPS navigation has reached yet.

But should you travel to the Kaokoveld, you will be richly rewarded with meeting the local Ovahimba people. The Ovahimba people to some extent still live as they have hundreds of years ago, this is also no-mans land and you can get the thrill of not seeing any one for a day or two even.

Rivers & greenery

Is the dry Namibia is getting too much for you? Not to fear, we have a beautiful area called the Zambezi. Here its lush and green, with amazing wildlife from hippos to elephant. Animals roam freely in the many unfenced and largely unexplored game parks.

This area is also en-route to the Majestic Victoria falls(on the border between Zambia & Zimbabwe) and many people include this to their itinerary when visiting Namibia.

Namibia is therefore definitely one for the nature lovers.

If shopping, busy nightlife, concerts and parties is your thing, Namibia will be a massive disappointment. Rather here expect meeting few authentic locals, drinking a sun downer, seeing amazing wildlife experiencing wide open spaces and enjoying nature.

Depending on your budget both money and time wise. You will be required to travel a LOT to see the best the country has to offer, or you must decide to either come back a second time, or your last resort would be to deliberately choose to skip a part of the country (last option).

Namibia can be divided into a few key areas:

The South, The West, Etosha, Damaraland, Koakoland & the Zambezi (formerly Caprivi) region. Of course there are many areas n between.. but these are the biggest highlights.


Read the next blog post for more detail on each area, to help you decide your trip.