So here we go… From the start to who knows where.

About a month ago, we went to the beautiful German influenced historical little town, Luderitz, for a weekend… I couldn’t care less how far the drive was, where we would stay or what we would see. All I wanted was to sit back, relax, drink wine, take deep breaths and look at the ocean…for hours. And I did! After 4 hours on the road, a detour through Kolmanskop, driving out to Dias Point, eating homemade Lasagne and the most amazing Cheesecake at a small garden cafe, I did exactly what I went there for… Sat in silence with my wine, staring at the ocean!
And that is when it striked me… “I need to tell people about this!!”
About the road, the beautiful views, wild desert horses, old church buildings, historical treasures, diamonds, cocktails at hotels, nice restaurants with traditional food to the best oysters, and everything that’s hidden in our breathtaking country.

a Few weeks later we started this Blog, here you can find our suggestions of where to go, what to see, where to eat, and maybe in time even where to buy a wedding dress.

Watch this space…

Cheers to many more